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 Greene's Growlers June 15, 2018

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FOUNDERS – Solid Gold Lager       Grand Rapids, MI              4.4% ABV     64 oz. – 12.00

Founders was built on an attitude of no regrets. An attitude of taking risks to bring the best beer possible to their fellow renegades and rebels. Never brewing to style, but always brewing what they want to drink. Their take on a classic, Solid Gold is a drinkable premium lager brewed with the highest quality ingredients.

GOOD PEOPLE – IPA     Birmingham, AL     6.0% ABV     64 oz. – 10.00               

Copper in color with herbal and earthy hops being most prevalent. Light caramel flavors balance out this unique ale. Hop lovers will enjoy this unfiltered, dry-hopped IPA.

CREATURE COMFORTS –  Cosmik Debris IPA     Athens, GA     8.0% ABV     64oz.–18.00

Another absolutely stellar IPA from Creature Comforts. Aromas of citrus zest and pine give way to a more melon-dominant flavor profile, but with plenty of citrus and piney flavors coming through as well. Moderate hop bitterness, and finishes wonderfully with a lingering fruity bitterness. An absolute must-try for IPA lovers, especially since this seasonal release won't last long.

NEW REALM – Hoplandia IPA     Atlanta, GA     7.3% ABV     64 oz. – 10.00   

New Realm is one of Atlanta's newest brweeries, headed by Mitch Steele, formerly of Stone. Unsurprisingly, this flagship IPA delivers a precisely balanced West Coast style IPA: pine and citrus peel on the nose yields to a resinous hop flavor, with just enough supporting malt. The bitterness is there, but not in your face, making this a surprisingly drinkable 7.3%. Finishes with a crisp, yet smooth bitterness.

21st Amend Brewery – Blah Blah Blah IPA  San Francisco, CA  8.0% ABV  64 oz.– 10.00

Blah Blah Blah IPA is a maltier, amber-colored take on a traditional IPA. We incorporate some interesting malts including Baird Caramel 80, a darker, sweet crystal malt. Belgian biscuit malt give it a toasty flavor; and German dark Munich malt for body and color. We also hopped this ale a bit differently than we normally do with most of the hops being added at different times very late in the boil for a full hop "jammy" flavor and brighter aroma. We then dry-hopped it very aggressively using five different hops including a new experimental varietal to pack the flavors and aromas of pine, citrus, grapefruit and jam.

Bruery Terreux – Frederick H.     Anaheim, CA     4.4% ABV     64 oz. – 12.00

At his core, Frederick H. embodies some of the elements you’d expect in a Berliner Weisse-style beer, such as a tart flavor profile from lactobacillus, a hint of brettanomyces and traditionally low ABV. He gets a little racy though, and gains even more funky and earthy notes from house cultures and fermentation in our oak foeders at Bruery Terreux. After nature takes its course, Frederick H. emerges with a bright, refreshing body, palate-cleansing tartness and au naturel rawness.

THREE TAVERNS – Rowdy and Proud IPA     Decatur, GA     6.0% ABV     64 oz. – 12.00

This collaboration with Resurgence is brewed for fans of the Atlanta United soccer team, as well as anyone else who enjoys tasty, tasty beer. Easygoing, but most defintely not a 'session' beer, this IPA features juicy melon fruit notes of cantaloupe and honeydew, along with perhaps a slight taste of brighter berry. Pairs well with sports.

MONDAY NIGHT BREWING – Dust Bunny Hazy IPA  ATL, GA  6.8% ABV  64 oz. – 12.00    

Dust Bunny is packed with aromatics of orange and lemon dripping with honey. Its soft yet bright body contributes notes of peach. Moderate bitterness balances a juicy mouthfeel for an all-around refreshing IPA.

UNIBROUE – La Fin Du Monde     Chambly, Canada     9.0%  ABV     64 oz. - 12.00  

”The end of the world,” and it tastes like heaven. Bright and yeasty on the nose, with hints of clove and ripe banana peel. Effervescent on the palate, with a heady, complex mix of malt, spice, and fruit – banana and some plum. Finishes with a lingering breadiness. Surprisingly quaffable for a beer so strong!

LAGUNITAS –  Citrusinensis        Petaluma, CA          7.7% ABV              64 oz. – 12.00
Pours a pale orange-yellow with a fluffy off-white head. Wonderful aroma of bright, juicy blood orange and grapefruit, courtesy of the Sanguinello blood oranges used during the brewing process. More blood orange on the palate, but with more of a bitter citrus flavor note. Fairly smooth mouthfeel, with a little bit of wheaty malt flavor on the back end. Finishes bitter with more blood orange and grapefruit citrus flavor. If you like blood orange, and don't mind a little tart bitterness, this is a well-crafted beer that hides its ABV quite well.

7VENTH SUN –  Mangrove Double IPA     Tampa, FL     10.0% ABV      64 oz. – 12.00 

If you're a fan of fruity, refreshing beers, look no further than 7venth Sun's Mangrove Double IPA. It's the kind of beer for any occasion and with a 10% ABV, it has just the right amount of kick without being too strong. Since 2012, 7venth Sun has been making fantastic beer for the Sunshine State, but at Greene's you can get a little taste of Florida right here in Decatur with this awesome double IPA.

CREATURE COMFORTS – Get Comfortable IPA   Athens, GA   6.5% ABV   64 oz.  – 12.00  

This beer is bursting with melon and muscadine flavors and finishes beautifully dry on the palate. If you are an IPA fan, you won’t want to miss this Tasting Room offering! Creature Comforts has created a delicious beer in honor of their Get Comfortable campaign! Get Comfortable works to help those in need get more comfortable. If you don’t know about this incredible program, please visit getcomfortableathens.com

MERCIER – Old No. 3 Cider     Blue Ridge, GA     6.1% ABV     64 oz. –10.00      

Mercier's original hard cider, made from Gold Rush apples. Sweet, crisp, refreshing, with a hint of apple tartness. VERY flavorful. Old No. 3 is sure to be a new favorite for any hard apple cider lover.

SERVICE – Compass Rose IPA     Savannah, GA     6.6% ABV     64 oz.  – 12.00           

This is an IPA that appeals to the senses and your desire for an aromatic brew. Service presents a big citrus and herbal character with a medium bodied malt presence. This beer is well hopped and will please the hop forward beer drinker, but the bitterness is balanced from start to finish.

ARCHES – Mystik Bock     Hapeville, GA     7.5% ABV     64 oz. – 12.00

This traditional German Bock was lagered through winter to be consumed with the coming of the spring. The strong, sweet malt character is the hallmark of the style, with a deep amber color. Minimal hop bitterness and a clean finish allow you to truly enjoy the toasted grain and caramel flavors in the body of the beer.

BROOKLYN – Lager     Brooklyn, NY     5.2% ABV     64 oz. – 10.00

A lightly dry-hopped vienna lager, producing a thirst-quenching balance of caramel malts and slight, refreshing bitterness. Brooklyn's classic 1988 award-winning amber lager recipe, this beer has never gone out of style. Perfect for pretty much whenever, and a great gateway beer into the craft scene.

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