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Application силденафила in doses to 100 mg didn't lead to clinically significant changes of an electrocardiogram at healthy volunteers. The maximum decrease the GARDEN in a prone position after reception силденафила in a dose of 100 mg made 8,3 mm of mercury. and DAD — 5,3 mm of mercury. More expressed, but also the passing effect on the HELL was noted at the patients accepting nitrates (see the sections "Contraindications" and "Interaction").

In research of haemo dynamic effect силденафила in a single dose of 100 mg at 14 patients from heavy IBS (more than 70% of patients had a stenosis, at least one coronary artery), the GARDEN and DAD at rest decreased by 7 and 6% respectively, and pulmonary systolic pressure decreased by 9%. Sildenafil didn't influence warm emission and didn't break a blood-groove in stenozirovanny coronary arteries, and also led to increase (approximately for 13%) an adenozinindutsirovanny coronary stream both in stenozirovanny, and in intact coronary arteries viagra.

In double blind placebo - controlled research 144 patients with erektilny dysfunction and the stable stenocardia, accepting antianginalny preparations (except nitrates) carried out physical exercises until when expressiveness of symptoms of stenocardia decreased. Duration of performance of exercises was authentically more (19,9 with; 0,9–38,9 c) at the patients accepting силденафил in a single dose of 100 mg in comparison with patients, receiving placebos.

In randomized double blind placebo - controlled research studied effect dose change силденафила (to 100 mg) at men (n = 568) with erektilny dysfunction and the arterial hypertension, accepting more than two antigipertenzivny preparations. Sildenafil improved an erection at 71% of men in comparison with 18% in group of placebo. Frequency of adverse effects was comparable with that in other groups of patients, just as at the persons accepting more than three antigipertenzivny preparations.